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Floating Pontoon – DIY or Buy a Ready-Made Solution

When choosing a floating pontoon for yourself, you will at one point be wondering: should I buy a convenient complete solution, or is it more practical to build it myself?

In order to make it easier for you to decide, we put together a table where we compare the pros and cons of both options.

Pros of doing it yourself

Pros of a complete solution

+ you can build a swimming pontoon that exactly matches your own needs;

+ the pleasure of making something yourself;

+ you can use materials that you already have;

+ you have ability to involve your community and have fun with your family and friends;

+ it is (probably) cheaper than purchasing a ready-made solution;

+ you can choose the time when to build, and you do not have to wait for anyone.

+ the solution is already tried and reliable and there are likely no unexpected issues;

+ you know exactly what date your pontoon will be in place (vacation time!);

+ you don’t have to put in the effort, you have the opportunity to focus on enjoying right away;

+ product and installation have a warranty;

+ you can order maintenance from us;

+ all the materials are correctly selected and will last for a long time in an aquatic environment.

Disadvantages of doing it yourself

Disadvantages of a complete solution

– the result may not look as you imagined;

– the location may not be selected well, subjecting the pontoon to ice and breakage winter;

– it’s difficult to find free time for planning and building, which means you’re probably giving up a vacation to do so;

– due to improperly selected dimensions, the floating pontoon may be unstable;

– the selected materials do not last for a long time (incorrect environmental grade);

– it takes too much time to search for and to purchase the materials.

– if your order is placed at the peak of the spring production season, delivery times may be longer than anticipated;

– during peak periods, the installation teams may be busy and you will have to wait for them;

– you can only order standard options, which might be an issue if you feel a custom solution is ideal for your home;

– the cost of a complete product is likely to be higher than if you made it yourself.

Still find it difficult to decide? We have one more way to help you. You’ve now read and had a little think about it. What direction are you leaning towards?

If you still have doubts, feel free to read on.

Below we will describe three different types of people that are looking for a swimming pontoon, and we’ll show you drives their decisions. See which category you fit into and decide which might be best for you based upon it.

The do-it-yourself type

The do-it-yourself types are people who have a clear vision of their future floating pontoon and skills to make it happen. The pleasure of doing things themselves is important to them, and at least to some extent, also the desire to save money.

They do not worry about time because for them time has value when they can work on something and bring their creation to life.

Do-it-yourselfers will not buy pontoons from us. They may only be interested in our range of accessories.

Complete solution buyers

People who purchase a complete solution are those whose weekdays are tightly filled up and they value each minute highly.

Leisure time for them equals commitment-free time, when they prefer to enjoy life. That’s why the comfort of a full solution and an effortless process is perfect for them.

They do not worry about the money, because even if they do not have too much money, they feel that they have made an investment in their spare time and have also acquired peace of mind in the form of a lasting guarantee.

Buyers of the complete solution review our entire product range and order a suitable solution with installation and subsequent maintenance.

The install-it-yourself type

The install-it-yourself types are interesting characters in that they combine the two previous types.

They like to do things with their own hands, but at the same time, they do not want to start from scratch, because they lack in-depth knowledge and skills, nor do they want to devote too much of their free time to this project.

Therefore, the option where some part of the pontoon is prepared and they can be the final assemblers is perfect for them. Our ECO swimming pontoon is popular among these people, as it can be transported in a trailer and set up in one day on your own.

How do you feel now, did you get an answer?

Regardless of whether you have decided to build it yourself, just want to do the installation, or you want a comfortable, complete solution, feel free to write or call our pontoon expert for advice.

Was the article useful and enjoyable?

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