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Boat booms


Boat booms are a cheap and secure way to attach small boats in the harbour. The booms are easy to install and transport, if necessary.

Standard fitted boat boom consists of a strong, hot-dip galvanized metal frame, a plastic float and two mooring rings. An EPS foam-filled plastic float also functions as as a boom end fender.

Boat booms are attached to the pontoon with metal hinges or elastic rubber connections.

As an accessory, you can order 300 mm wide timber decking, metal rails to change the width of the boat space, and fenders.

  • Also try our web application and bring your idea to life! You can find the user manual here.
  • Are you involved in port design? You can download models of the boat boom and all our other products in the ProdLib environment. A detailed guide can be found here.


NameProduct codePrice
Boat Boom 4 m12 42 00494 €
Boat Boom 4 m, with wooden decking12 44 00658 €
Boat Boom 5 m12 52 00511 €
Boat Boom 5 m, with wooden decking12 54 00706 €
Boat Boom 6 m12 62 00535 €
Boat Boom 6 m, with wooden decking12 65 00917 €
Boat Boom 7 m12 72 00581 €
Boat Boom 7 m, with wooden decking12 75 00994 €
Boat Boom 8 m12 82 00862 €
Boat Boom 8 m, with wooden decking12 85 001 224 €
Boat Boom 9 m12 92 00919 €
Boat Boom 9 m, with wooden decking12 95 001 320 €
Boat Boom 10 m12 02 001 066 €
Boat Boom 10 m, with wooden decking12 05 001 646 €

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