Boat pontoon – 3 important things to consider when choosing a pontoon
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Boat pontoon – 3 important things to consider when choosing a pontoon

Choosing a boat pontoon seems complicated and you do not know where to start from or what to look for?

Fortunately, it does not have to be this way, because we understand that this task may be quite a struggle. That is why we have packed our long-term experience into a guide that gives you an overview of the three most important points that you have to consider when picking a floating pontoon.

1. The purpose of the boat pontoon

What do you start from when you want to buy a new gadget for your home?

Well of course you will first think of exactly how and for what your will be using the new device, because this will give you an idea of ​​what products might suit you.

Just the same logic is true when choosing a boat pontoon. Here are five questions that you can answer to get a clearer idea of how you will be using the boat pontoon.

  1. Do you only need the pontoon for going swimming, or do you need to attach vessels as well? Or do you want a floating house or a sauna instead?
  2. If you want to attach vessels, is it just a small rowing boat or a big yacht?
  3. Do you need to moor one or more vessels at any one time?
  4. Is one pontoon module enough for you or do you need many?
  5. Is the classic straight pontoon suitable for your needs, or do you need a special shape (e.g., T or L)?

We have developed five different pontoon designs for you to find the right one to match your needs. You are assisted by an overview table:

Heavy duty pontoonTimber pontoon with concrete floatsBoat pontoon with plastic floatsSwimming pontoonSwimming pontoon ECO
For a private pontoon+++++
For a harbour+++
For swimming+++++
For mooring+++++
Floats for a floating house+++
For a breakwater+


2. Location

Think about whether your chosen natural location even suitable for installing a boat pontoon, so that it could be comfortably and safely used? It is important to consider the following:

  1. floating pontoons are suitable for use in areas that are protected by a jetty or in a naturally protected area. It is not advisable to construct a boat pontoon on an unprotected beach in the sea, because it simply won’t last there;
  2. The distance at which the water depth is sufficient for you dictates the length that you need for the boat pontoon. If the depth suitable for swimming is far from the beach, constructing a pontoon becomes unreasonably expensive;
  3. ice conditions: floating pontoon is not suitable for places where moving ridged ice occurs. However, if you decide to install a pontoon in an area with ridged ice, you will need to remove it every autumn and reinstall it in the spring. Do you want such a time-consuming and expensive commitment?
    There are more natural factors that you need to take into account. You can read more about them here.

3. Are you allowed to install a floating pontoon in your desired place

In each country, there are areas where the law does not allow boat pontoon to be installed, therefore, familiarise yourself with the legislation in force at the location and consult with the construction advisor of the local municipality.

Another option is to contact our expert (you can do it at the bottom of the page) who introduces you to local good practices and requirements for floating pontoon installation.


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