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Timber pontoons with concrete floats


The timber pontoons with concrete floats have a high load-carrying capacity and are stable and durable.

Introduction of Timber pontoons with concrete floats

Suitable for use in boat or yacht harbours that are in closed port basins (protected with a breakwater); they are also ideal for the construction of floating platforms and houses.

We manufacture timber pontoons with concrete floats in three standard widths: 2.4 m, 3 m and 3.2 m. The freeboard height is 0.5–0.7 m and we build the length according to your needs. We select the EPS foam filled concrete floats according to the desired load capacity.

For mooring, boat booms, mooring fingers or anchor buoys can be fitted to the pontoon.

  • Try our web application, where you can visualize the timber pontoons with concrete floats in a few minutes and immediately see the cost of the project. The guide can be read here.
  • Are you a designer of floating solutions? Make your life comfortable and download models of our products from the ProdLib catalog. The user manual can be found here.

All metal parts of floating pontoon have been made resistant to weathering with hot-dip galvanizing and the load-bearing structure is made of impregnated softwood. In addition, the wood materials used are sorted by strength and finger-jointed, ensuring top-notch quality and durability.

Accessories: fenders, ladders, side decking, railings, mooring rings or bollards, a lifebuoy set and lighting posts. Noble wood decking and LED-lit bollards are available for those looking for an especially exclusive look. In this article you will find recommendations on what accessories are definitely worth buying.

Timber pontoons with concrete floats maintenance

Floating concrete pontoon with timber decking need little maintenance, but we definitely recommend to:

  • regularly check the condition of hinge connections and fasteners;
  • before the new season and after the end of usage period, wash the decking with a brush or pressure washer;
  • treat the decking once a year with a wood preservative containing UV protection;
  • To prevent damage from ice, remove the ladder from the pontoon in autumn.

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Price of Timber pontoon with concrete floats

Below you will see the prices of the sample packages consisting of the pontoon platform and the gangway. For these, you need to buy additional abutment, the price of which depends on its type. A variety of accessories are also available to make the use of the pontoon more convenient and safer. Prices do not include installation or transport costs. Delivery terms at the FCA plant in Keki 9, Näpi, Estonia. All prices include 20% Estonian VAT.
Timber Pontoon Medium 3 x 8 m6476€
Timber deck 3 x 8 m1 pcs2050€
Concrete float S4 pcs3728€
Gangway 1,2 x 5 m1 pcs698€

Load capacity 2.9 t, weight 3.9 t, freeboard height 0.34 m.

Timber Pontoon Medium 2,4 x 8 m5295€
Timber deck 2.4 x 8 m1 pcs1689€
Concrete float M2 pcs2908€
Gangway 1,2 x 5 m1 pcs698€

Load capacity 3.4 t, weight 3.4 t, freeboard height 0.6 m.

Timber Pontoon Large 2,4 x 12 m8130€
Timber deck 2.4 x 12 m1 psc3138€
Concrete Float L2 psc4294€
Gangway 1,2 x 5 m1 psc698€

Load capacity 5.8 t, weight 5.0 t, freeboard height 0.66 m.

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