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Swimming pontoons ECO


The swimming pontoon ECO is a long-term cost-effective solution that suits perfectly as a swimming pontoon or boat pontoon for home and is ideal for beaches of inland waterways.

Introduction of Swimming pontoons ECO

Using standard modules, you can create a swimming pontoon with a suitable length, shape and load capacity (see the examples below). You can successfully use the floats under a floating platform. An existing pontoon can be extended later in length and width.

When planning a swimming pontoon ECO, we recommend reading these useful articles:

The standard width of the swimming pontoon ECO is 2 m and the standard lengths are 4 m, 5 m and 6 m.

ECO pontoons can be placed perpendicular or longitudinal to the shore, and only a proper ground support is enough to secure a pontoon with one module. Longer structures are anchored with concrete anchors and fastening chains, fastening posts or fastening diagonals. (We recommend that you leave the anchoring to us, as special equipment is required for the safe installation of heavy anchors).

  • You can actually play ECO placement in our web application, where you can immediately see the cost of the project. If necessary, the user manual can be found by clicking on this link.
  • If you are a designer or architect, you can download the swimming pontoon ECO and other product models from the ProdLib catalog. The user manual is here.

The strong load-bearing structure is made of deep-impregnated softwood and the decking is profiled to avoid sliding. Also, the wood materials used are sorted by strength and finger-jointed, which guarantee top-notch quality and durability.

All metal parts have been made resistant to environmental impacts with hot-dip galvanizing.

The ECO 400 l plastic floats are manufactured using rotational molding, making them resistant to UV rays, ice and hits from rocks. Floats are empty inside, making them light and easy to handle. The floats have a very low draft and are suitable for waterways with fluctuating water levels or on swampy soil.

Thanks to its compact size, it’s easy to transport the swimming pontoon yourself. The installation can be ordered from us, or you can do it quite easily by yourself (also read the post: “Floating pontoon – do you build it yourself or buy a ready-made solution?”). In the video you can see how ECO transport and installation works:

Make your own Swimming Pontoon ECO

A range of accessories are available, including side decking, ladders, railings, fenders, mooring rings, lighting posts and a lifebuoy set. You can make your pontoon especially exclusive with noble wood decking or LED-lit bollards. You will find inspiration in the article “Accessories to Make Your Pontoon Feel Homey – 6 Products to Consider Installing”.

Swimming pontoon ECO maintenance

For the winter, we recommend the swimming pontoon ECO to be dismantled, as freezing may damage the structure of the product. However, you know the ice situation and average water level of the future location the best, so write or call us, and we’ll give you advice on what you should do.

We have gathered all other questions related to pontoon maintenance in the guide “How to properly maintain pontoons?”.

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Lauri Lepp

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Price of Swimming Pontoon ECO

The prices given apply to the ECO platform and gangway of the swimming pontoon ECO. The cost of the abutment will be added to the price of the sample kit, depending on its type. Various accessories, such as railings for the swimming ladder or railings with benches. Prices do not include installation or transport costs. Delivery terms at the FCA, plant in Keki 9, Näpi, Estonia. All prices include 20% Estonian VAT. You can have our professional installers install the pontoon or you can install ECO by yourself. It's not complicated.
Swimming pontoon ECO 1/2 x 4 m874€
Wooden deck 1/2 x 4 m1 pcs454€
Plastic float ECO 400 l2 pcs420€

Load capacity 666 kg, weight 134 kg, freeboard 0.4 m.

Swimming pontoon ECO Modul 3 x 2 m1318€
Wooden deck Modul 0,7 x 2 m 3 pcs498€
Plastic float ECO 400 l2 pcs420€
Gangway 1 x 3 m1 pcs400€

Load capacity 657 kg, weight 143 kg, freeboard 0.35 m.

Swimming pontoon ECO 2 x 4 m1518€
Wooden deck 2 x 4 m 1 pcs637€
Plastic float ECO 400 l2 pcs420€
Gangway 1 x 4 m1 pcs461€

Load capacity 632 kg, weight 168 kg, freeboard 0.38 m.

Swimming Pontoon ECO 2 x 6 m2199€
Wooden deck 2 x 6 m1 pcs898€
Plastic float ECO 400 l4 pcs840€
Gangway 1 x 4 m1 pcs461€

Load capacity 1324 kg, weight 276 kg, freeboard 0.4 m.

Installation instruction

With installation you have two options:

  1.  When ordering the installation from us, you do not have to do anything other than agree on the appropriate time, to pinpoint the correct location to our team when they arrive, and within a few hours you will be able to start using the new swimming pontoon. In a few hours, the pontoon is in place and you can start using it;
  2. If you are able to handle a cordless drill, you can set up the pontoon on your own in half a day by following the instructions. The installation guide can be downloaded from here and we are here for you if you have any questions.

Before you decide, read the article “Floating pontoon – do you build it yourself or buy a ready-made solution?” and watch the video on how to install and transport it:

Make your own Swimming Pontoon ECO


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