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Gangways and abutments


The marina gangway has to ensure that it is comfortable to board the boat even when the water level changes. Pontoon gangways are available with both wooden and metal constructions.

The standard lengths of the wooden gangways are: 1 m, 1.2 m and 1.5 m. Standard lengths are 3–6 meters.

The standard widths of the metal gangways are: 1.2 m and 1.8 m. Standard lengths are 6–12 meters.

The choice of the marina gangway

The choice of the marina gangway construction type depends on three equally important aspects:

  1.  pontoon model;
  2. pontoon distance from the shore;
  3.  water level fluctuation range.

We have made things easy for you: you only need to choose the floating pontoon and tell us how far from the beach you want to install it, and our engineers add a gangway with the suitable length and design to the package.

Another and equally easy way is to use our web application (the guide is here ), where you can visualize your idea in a few minutes and send it to us. Our engineer will then send you an updated drawing with a final quote.

NB! As an architect or engineer, you can download models of all our products from the ProdLib catalog. The user manual is here.

Arch bridge

You can give your pontoon a unique look with a wooden arch bridge that has a standard length of 4 m.


The abutment is selected according to the type of soil and its task is to fix the gangway to the ground.

The standard width of the abutment is 1.2 m and 1.5 m.

The most common and easiest to use are abutments with screw piles:

Abutments with screw piles Kuremaa Andry Prodel +372 5304 4000 andry@topmarine.ee

Watch the video on how to install the abutment with screw piles:

How to install the abutment

In more rocky places, it is worthwhile to go for a concrete abutment that adds stability:

Concrete abutment port Võsu Andry Prodel +372 5304 4000 andry@topmarine.ee

The gangway is fastened to cliffs with a special abutment:

Abutment to cliff Andry Prodel +372 5304 4000 andry@topmarine.ee

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Accessories of pontoon gangways

To increase safety of pontoon gangways, it is good to add railings to the gangway, which also adds uniqueness.

The selection includes also bench -armrests.


The gate helps to increase the security of the port or bathing site by directing or restricting the movement of people in the port area.

It is also possible to install a card access system at the gate.

The standard widths of the gates are 1.2 m and 1.8 m.

Prices of Gangways and abutments

Prices include 20% Estonian VAT. Prices do not include installation and transport costs of gangways and abutments. Delivery terms at the FCA plant in Keki 9, Näpi, Estonia.

Timber ramp ECO with ground piles637€
Timber ramp SP with ground piles698€
Timber ramp BP with ground piles766€
Concrete ramp 1,3 x 1,2 m473€
Concrete ramp 1,9 x 1,6 m805€
Gate 2.2 x 4.0 m1510€

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