Leading provider of complete floating pontoon solutions in the Baltics and in the Nordic countries - Top Marine
22 years of experience with floating pontoons
We produce 4,500 m of floating pontoons each year
18 specialists working and helping you
22 countries have Top Marine products

In 20 years, we have become the leading provider of complete floating pontoon solutions in the Baltics and in the Nordic countries.

All help from one place: we advise, design, produce, transport, install and maintain.

9 reasons to cooperate with us

Top quality

There is no question that a product must be of truly high-quality. Without it, everything else is irrelevant.

We guarantee that all our products can withstand the Nordic ice conditions, which are indeed the most difficult conditions of all.

100% knowledge of the product

We design and produce all our products ourselves, and therefore, we know each solution down to the last screw and bolt.

You can be sure that we can answer your questions thoroughly and that we can also actively provide solutions.

Service that cares

You're not just a number in our customer folder, but a person with unique desires and ideas.

We are there for you at the beginning of the project and in the coming years, and we are happy to help and guide you so that you could get the solution you are really happy with.

Security and environmental protection

We guarantee our factory workers safe working conditions, high-quality equipment and supportive management – without them we couldn’t be offering top quality.

We also pay special attention to environmental protection, because our products stay in the nature for decades. We implement processes and measures that are based on the principle of accountability.

Professional installation

A high-quality product on its own is not enough to provide a complete solution; it needs to also be carefully and accurately installed and configured.

Our installation teams have become used to working together over the years and do their job with confidence and utmost skill.

Fair price

The prices of our products and services are somewhat higher than average, but they are certainly competitive and for your money you will get a solution that lasts, that comes with a guaranteed warranty and, if necessary, you will receive support and advice from our team.

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Heavy duty pontoons in Kalevi Yacht club Andry Prodel +372 5304 4000 andry@topmarine.ee

Kalevi Yacht Club, Tallinn

“I can say without any kind of exaggeration: Kalev Yacht Club’s experience with Top Marine has been enjoyable in all respects.”

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Customers say

Read what our satisfied customers are saying:

Friends gave me a small ECO pontoon for my birthday in 2010. We installed it in one day and in the evening we were already enjoying sauna. Until then, we had been walking along the pond bank to go for a swim from our genuine smoke sauna in Haanja, but as the bank got slippery, it wasn’t convenient to get in and out. After receiving a floating pontoon, the smoke sauna is much more enjoyable. With the swimming pontoon, you can easily get into the pond and use the ladder to get out. The pontoon needs very little maintenance. I clean it when needed, but no more than once every couple of years. Of course children enjoy the swimming pontoon the most! Before, the pond was just a puddle in the corner of the garden, but now spending free time has moved to the pond. The swimming pontoon is a great place for spending free time – for sunbathing, swimming, barbequing, watching the stars, and just for hanging out.

Andrus Vare
Indrek Ilves

When creating the Kakumäe marina, we set the goal to create the best 5-star maritime centre in the Gulf of Finland and in the Baltic States. To realise the idea, we chose the most uncompromising idea generator, Top Marine, as our partner.
We can proudly tell our customers that the Haven Kakumäe marina has been planned, designed and manufactured in Estonia.
We are very pleased with our cooperation so far. Thank you Top Marine!

Indrek Ilves, Director of Haven Kakumäe marina
Rene Allik

I can say without any kind of exaggeration: Kalev Yacht Club’s experience with Top Marine has been enjoyable in all respects.
The cooperation has been very smooth in terms of quoting, design, preparation, installation, and after-sales service stages. When it comes to suggesting engineering solutions, they are professionals who also listen and take our thoughts into account.
What is also noteworthy is the expertise and problem solving skills of Top Marine employees even in situations where there is a lot of stress due to time pressure, unexpected problems or the ongoing introduction of technical changes to the project.

René Allik, Manager of Kalevi Yacht Club
Andry Prodel
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