22 years of experience with floating pontoons
We produce 4,500 m of floating pontoons each year
18 specialists working and helping you
22 countries have Top Marine products
Top Marine TMmarinas.com info@tmmarinas.com +372 5304 4000


Top Marine OÜ
Tule 33, 76505 Saue, Harju County, Estonia

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Phone: (+372) 53 044 000
e-mail: info@topmarine.ee

24 kilometers from the port
24 kilometers from the airport
22 kilometers from the city center

A team that helps you

Dealer in Sweden

Top Marine Sverige AB

Tel: (+46) 8 684 199 00E-mail: info@topmarine.se

Dealer in Germany

Boat-Trend GmbH

Tel: 0176/24972465E-mail: info@boat-trend.de

Dealer in Latvia

Pontoni.LV SIA

Tel: +37129406359E-mail: martins@topmarine.ee

Dealer in Romania

Sandu Ion

Tel: +40740901115E-mail: sanduion1@yahoo.com

Dealer in Norway

Top Marine Sverige AB

Tel: (+46) 8 684 199 00E-mail: info@topmarine.se

Dealer in Poland

Róża Łachacz

Tel: +48517137905E-mail: info@topmarine.pl

Project Manager in Finland

Petri Grönlund

Tel: +358 40 480 7878E-mail: petri@topmarinelaiturit.fi

Dealer in Finland

Odin Aberg

Tel: +358405029016E-mail: odin@omf.fi

Dealer in Lithuania

Baltic Marina Export UAB

Tel: +37065241239E-mail: info@lieptas.lt

Andry Prodel
Andry Prodel


Tel: +372 5304 4000E-mail: andry@topmarine.ee

Silver Pütsep
Silver Pütsep

Project Manager

Tel: +372 518 0797E-mail: silver@topmarine.ee

Lauri Lepp
Lauri Lepp

Project Manager

Tel: +372 5362 6166E-mail: lauri@topmarine.ee

Dmitri Gorbatšev

Sales Engineer

Tel: +372 509 0245E-mail: dmitri@topmarine.ee

Miia Maarja Härmson

Sales Engineer

Tel: +372 5623 0565E-mail: miia.maarja@topmarine.ee

Tarmo Tomson
Tarmo Tomson

Production Manager

Tel: +372 523 1156E-mail: tarmo@topmarine.ee

Anneli Prodel
Anneli Prodel

Financial Manager

Tel: +372 5663 8383E-mail: anneli@topmarine.ee

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Top quality
100% knowledge of the product
Service that cares
Security and environmental protection
Professional installation
Fair price
Delivery speed
Lauri Lepp
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