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22 years of experience with floating pontoons
We produce 4,500 m of floating pontoons each year
18 specialists working and helping you
22 countries have Top Marine products
In 20 years, we have become the leading provider of complete floating pontoon solutions in the Baltics and in the Nordic countries.


Top Marine OÜ
Tule 33, 76505 Saue, Harju County, Estonia

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Phone: (+372) 53 044 000

24 kilometers from the port
24 kilometers from the airport
22 kilometers from the city center

A team that helps you

Dealer in Sweden

Top Marine Sverige AB

Tel: (+46) 8 684 199 00E-mail:

Dealer in Germany

Boat-Trend GmbH

Tel: 0176/24972465E-mail:

Dealer in Latvia

Pontoni.LV SIA

Tel: +37129406359E-mail:

Dealer in Romania

Sandu Ion

Tel: +40740901115E-mail:

Dealer in Norway

Top Marine Sverige AB

Tel: (+46) 8 684 199 00E-mail:

Dealer in Poland

Jacek Wojkowski

Tel: +48508320429E-mail:

Dealer in Finland/ Helsinki

Petri Grönlund

Tel: +358 40 480 7878E-mail:

Dealer in Finland/ Nauvo

Odin Aberg

Tel: +358405029016E-mail:

Dealer in Finland / Porvoo

Roland Holmberg

Tel: +358401899933E-mail:

Dealer in Denmark

Raivo Meremaa

Tel: +372 5022020E-mail:

Dealer in Lithuania

Baltic Marina Export UAB

Tel: +37065241239E-mail:

Andry Prodel
Andry Prodel


Tel: +372 5304 4000E-mail:

Silver Pütsep
Silver Pütsep

Project Manager

Tel: +372 518 0797E-mail:

Lauri Lepp

Sales Technician

Tel: +372 5362 6166E-mail:

Dmitri Gorbatšev
Dmitri Gorbatšev

Sales Engineer

Tel: +372 509 0245E-mail:

Tarmo Tomson
Tarmo Tomson

Production Manager

Tel: +372 523 1156E-mail:

Anneli Prodel
Anneli Prodel

Financial Manager

Tel: +372 5663 8383E-mail:

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Top quality
100% knowledge of the product
Service that cares
Security and environmental protection
Professional installation
Fair price
Delivery speed
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