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Safety equipment


Proper port  safety equipment must be available in each port. There is always a risk that someone will accidentally fall into the water from a yacht or pontoon, and unfortunately, such accidents do not happen only in the warm season and with beautiful weather. It must be borne in mind that lives must also be saved in cold weather or during storms.

The conspicuous and handy safety equipment is indispensable in this case because every second spent in ice-cold water counts.

Top Marine’s safety equipment is brightly colored and stands out in a crisis situation.

Safety ladder

Safety ladder Andry Prodel +372 5304 4000 andry@topmarine.ee

A safety ladder is a mandatory piece of security equipment in every port. Since a person dropped into the water with their clothes on can swim for about 20 meters, rescue ladders should be placed on the pontoon every 40 m. Depending on the location of the floating pontoons, the distances between the ladders may change.

The Top Marine lifebuoy has a  hot-dip galvanized steel frame , which is painted bright yellow with powder paint.

The length  of the ladder is 1.53 m.

The rescue ladder has five 0.6 m wide steps.

SOS pedestal

SOS pedestral Andry Prodel +372 5304 4000 andry@topmarine.ee

The SOS pedestal is standard equipment in ports and beaches and is usually installed at the end of the floating pontoon. Longer pontoons must be equipped with several SOS pedestals.

Considering that the rescuer should run a maximum distance of 40 m to fetch the safety equipment, SOS pedestals are installed every 80 m. Depending on the position of the floating pontoons in the port, the distances may change.

In the event of an accident, the lifebuoy shall be removed from its anchorage and thrown into the reach of a person in distress, holding the handle of the heaving line. When the person is further away, the handle must be put on the ground, stepped on, and the lifebuoy must be thrown further away with both hands.

The lifebuoy is made of EPS foam and painted bright red.

The SOS pedestal includes:

  • lifebuoy (4 kg) with heaving line 30 m,
  • rescue hook (3 m),
  • aluminum ladder (3 m),
  • information board.

A fire extinguisher cabinet can be purchased for the set.

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Price of Safety equipment

Prices include 20% Estonian VAT. Prices do not include installation and transport costs. Delivery terms at the FCA plant in Keki 9, Näpi, Estonia.

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Safety ladder371€
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