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Floating houses


Floating houses are intended for use on inland waterways and in naturally protected areas or in marinas protected by breakwaters.

Pontoons from Top Marine, tmmarinas.com, info@topmarine.ee
Floating house in Keilaniemi Finland

A house can be built on any of the pontoons produced by us. Heavy duty pontoons or timber pontoons with concrete floats, less commonly pontoons on plastic floats are usually used as a platform for a floating house. We will select the appropriate pontoon based on these three conditions:

  1. on which waterbody the floating house will be located on and what are the natural conditions like there;
  2.  what is the structure of the house like;
  3. how big will the house be.

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When ordering a floating house, you could have an idea of its layout, because this way we can immediately design the most optimal water and sewerage system possible.

  • Try our web application and visualize the pontoon solution underlying the floating house in just a few minutes. If necessary, you can find the user manual here.
  • As an architect or engineer, you can download models of all our products from the ProdLib catalog. The user manual is here.

The list of available accessories is abundant. The selection includes boat mooring rings, swimming ladders, fenders and even a precious wood board. All products are available here. This useful article will help you make choices.


We have collaborated with different house constructors and produced:

  • saunas made from ready-made saunas produced in factories;
  • platforms for customers who have built their own sauna;
  • floating houses from modular houses;
  • floating houses from factory houses.
Waste treatment plant on heavy duty pontoons Andry Prodel +372 5304 4000 andry@topmarine.ee
Waste treatment plant on heavy duty pontoons in the Netherlands

As our largest project, we have built a floating city in the port of Riga, Latvia’s capital, where all of Riga City Yacht Club’s buildings are floating.

Riga City Yacht Club in Latvia

Image source

We built there:

  • two houses for toilets and shower rooms;
  • office for port personnel;
  • gatehouse for the guard;
  • to keep boats belonging to the Optimist class of young Elling athletes.

KODA floating house

Floating house KODA and Top Marine's Heavy Duty Pontoons

Source of this and the bottom image: Kodasema website

KODA Loft Float, a floating house built in cooperation with Kodasema OÜ, has received the most public attention and international recognition, and we are responsible for its 6 x 12-meter floating platform and anchoring solution.

The living space of the house is 25.8 m2. There is an open-plan living room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet, and a sleeping area. All elements are compactly arranged and carefully planned to create a spacious and airy overall impression.

KODA ujuvmaja seest

The purpose of the KODA floating house is to expand the cityscape to water bodies and give you the chance to experience a different life rhythm where you can catch fish while sitting on your patio or take a refreshing dip in the morning.

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