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Fenders are special cushions between the watercraft and the pontoon. This is to prevent damage to both when mooring the vessel, but also when standing by the pontoon.

Fender Andry Prodel +372 5304 4000 andry@topmarine.ee

Yachts and boats use rubber ball-shaped or tubular fenders attached to the vessel itself, but stationary bumpers can also be installed on the pontoon to make the port and mooring safer.

They are fastened to the boom or berth itself with screws so that the moored vessel can float calmly while standing.

Top Marine fenders withstand shocks well because:

  • is made of soft and durable  foam material;
  • sunlight does not make them brittle.

Also, our fenders  do not smear the surfaces of the vessel.

Fenders technical information:

Product nameMF44MF60MBF150
Dimensions: Length940 mm1000 mm650 mm
Width44 mm60 mm195 mm
Height85 mm140 mm200 mm
Net weight220 g510 g1400 g

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Price of Fender

Prices include 20% Estonian VAT. Prices do not include installation and transport costs. Delivery terms at the FCA plant in Keki 9, Näpi, Estonia.

Fender Bacell MF44 44 x 85 x 940 mm1 pcs24€
Fender Bacell MF60 60 x 140 x 1000 mm1 pcs45€
Fender Bacell Bumper MBF150 195 x 200 x 650 mm1 pcs109€

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