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Pump out stations


Marina pump-out stations are an important part of the equipment of marinas; in the case of larger ports of call, they are even mandatory.

They can be used to remove the wastewater from toilets, kitchens, and bathrooms, as well as bilge water. Usually, one pump-out station is enough for a port; more stations may be needed for ports with a higher number of calls.

It is especially important to use a sewage pump in areas with high shipping frequency.

Our selection includes high-quality sewage pumps from the German manufacturer LeeStrom GmbH. You can choose between mobile and stationary pump stations of different capacities and tank sizes.

With a mobile pump  you can drive along the pontoon to the yacht and later to the place of discharge.

 Stationary pump-out stations will be installed on a special service pontoon, which can be accessed by the vessel for emptying the tanks.

Pump out stations Pontoons from Top Marine +372 5304 4000 info@topmarine.ee

Technical information of the most purchased pump out stations:

Pump out station166000176020
Product nameLS60WLSM80
Capacity50 l/m25 l/m
Power750 W250 W
Weight95 kg50 kg
Suction height5 m5 m
Discharge length120 m15 m

The lifting height indicates the height at which the pump-out station can pump up wastewater.

The output length shows how far the pump-out station can pump.

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Price of Pump out station

Prices include 20% Estonian VAT. Prices do not include installation and transport costs. Delivery terms at the FCA plant in Keki 9, Näpi, Estonia.

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