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Hollola Boat Club Harbor; Hirvisaari Island, Finland

“Top Marine acted very professionally in responding to the call for tenders and in the negotiations: the presentations of the work and production made added confidence in the company’s reliability and the success of the project.

Both the CEO and the project manager took full account of our needs and wishes. Top Marine kept its promises and fulfilled all its obligations under the contract impeccably. The price-quality ratio was also in place.

That’s why I dare to recommend Top Marine to other companies and yacht clubs, and I have already recommended it!

In conclusion, I can say that this is an exemplary company that will definitely find new customers and transactions, even here in Finland on the shores of Lake Päijänne”.

Jouko Chrons

About Hollola Boat Club

Hollola Boat Club was founded in 1985. At the beginning of 2020, there were 149 members. The club is a member of the Finnish Sailing and Boating Federation.

The club’s home port is located in Messilä, Hollola municipality, where there is also a clubhouse called “Loistomessi.” The club acquired a private port on the island of Hirvisaari on Lake Päijänne in 1996. There are moorings for vessels of club members, a sauna, a barbecue place, two accommodation houses and toilets.

Completed work

We signed the contract in the autumn of 2018 and started installing the berths at the beginning of November. The port was completed on November 16, 2018.

The challenge of the works was to transport the products to Hirvisaari Island because the journey on Lake Päijänne was long and time-consuming. In addition, our installation team was repeatedly put to the test by the stormy weather of November.

During the work, we replaced the old depreciated wooden berth with a new L-shaped HD pontoons . Thus, anchoring places  with buoys and places protected from waves behind the HD pontoons were created.

In total, we installed two 2.4 x 12 meter HD Pontoon and another HD pontoon with the same dimensions perpendicular to them. For safe mooring, we added fenders to the berths and post bollards for convenient attachment of the vessels.

The anchoring of the vessels has been solved by eleven 120 liter buoys, which are held firmly in place by 2000 kg concrete anchors.

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