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Floating houses


Floating houses are intended for use on inland waterways and in naturally protected areas or in marinas protected by breakwaters.

A house can be built on any of the pontoons produced by us. We will select the appropriate pontoon based on these three conditions:

  1. on which waterbody the floating house will be located on and what are the natural conditions like there;
  2.  what is the structure of the house like;
  3. how big will the house be.

By ordering a floating house, its best if you had an idea of ​​the house’s layout, as this allows us to design the optimal water and sewage system from the start.


We have collaborated with different house constructors and produced:

  • saunas made from ready-made saunas produced in factories;
  • platforms for customers who have built their own sauna;
  • floating houses from modular houses;
  • floating houses from factory houses.

As our largest project, we have built a floating city in the port of Riga, Latvia’s capital, where all of Riga City Marina’s buildings are floating. We built there:

  • two houses for toilets and shower rooms;
  • office for port personnel;
  • gatehouse for the guard;
  • to keep boats belonging to the Optimist class of young Elling athletes.

Read more about the Riga City Marina project from the references.

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